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9100K Hand Held PAT Tester Kit

Easy to use manual PAT tester

Class 1, 2 and extension lead tests

Easy to read LCD display with values and pass or fail indication

Earth continuity test at 200mA

Insulation resistance test at 500V

IEC lead test

Alternative / substitute leakage

Mains supply check

110V compatible

Supplied with PAT tester check box, 110V - 13A plug adaptor, pass and fail labels, log book and Ethos work bag

Continuity CheckYes
Guarantee2 Years
Insulation Test Voltage500V
Logistics PartnerNONE
Packaging TypesEach
Pass Fail IndicationYes
Similar StockNo
Similar Stock CodeTEI-PATT-ZZZZZ-ZZZ
Supplied With1 x PAT Tester Check Box 1 x 110V-13Amp Plug Adaptor 1 x Pass and Fail Labels 1 x Log Book 1 x Ethos Work Bag 6 x AA Batteries
Unspsc V1341113681
Unspsc V1841113681
Unspsc V2241113681
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